Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "What is Everyday Luxe? "
A: We are a woman owned and operated company that accommodates exceptional women with Everyday Luxury services.
Q: "How does Everyday Luxe work?"
A: Each exceptional woman will be provided with an Everyday Luxe Ambassador or a few, depending on their lifestyle with the services we offer. If the exceptional woman desires to book specialty services they will be provided with a partnered vendor of Everyday Luxe to fulfill their request.
Q: "Are the Everyday Luxe Ambassadors trustworthy?"
A: Everyday Luxe Ambassadors are background checked and CPR certified. They are required to complete an extensive mandatory training with the founder and other specialists on safety procedures when supervising and assisting your children. Confidentiality is a priority at Everyday Luxe and each ambassador is required to sign an NDA per client they encounter or serve.
Q: "Can I meet my potential Everyday Luxe Ambassador before booking the services?"
A: You may request an introduction with your potential Everyday Luxe Ambassador prior to booking for a $35 fee, in the rare case of not booking services this fee will be non-refundable. However upon your first day of booking this fee will be returned to you!
Q: "How much do Everyday Luxe Services cost?"
A: Book a consultation with one of our specialists today and they will be more than happy to inform you of the pricing of each package we offer to accommodate your lifestyle.
Q: "How is Everyday Luxe different from The Luxe Supply?"
A: Everyday Luxe is a service tailored to women who are family and/ or career driven.
Our Everyday Luxe ambassadors are extensively trained in each of the services we offer, and those services are offered at an affordable Everyday price.
The Luxe Supply offers specialty services similar to the list above and beyond. The Luxe Supply focuses on a corporate assisting level as well.